Stop Labour Bringing Back The Bus Lanes

In 2021, Labour ignored residents and created bus lanes running either side of the A51.

Ashley Avery-Bennett and David Barter campaigned with Cllr Keith Board and Conservative colleagues to force Labour to change their minds - meaning the bus lanes were suspended.

However, the markings are still there, the infrastructure is in place and Labour simply need to take down a couple of signs and the bus lanes are back. 

This is why May’s election is so important! Labour ignored residents then and they’re set to ignore them again. Labour have refused to rule out bringing back the bus lanes and insist they are necessary.

This May the choice is simple, vote for Ashley and David and you can help stop the bus lanes. 

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Stop Labour Bringing Back The Bus Lanes

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Ashley and David want to stop Labour from re-instating the bus lanes, do you support this?
Do you believe Labour consulted with any residents in Great Boughton when they introduced the bus lanes?