A Safe Crossing for Jigsaw Nursery at Ash Grove on Wrexham Road - Sign our Petition

There are clear safety concerns in this area owing to the speed of cars leaving Chester, which are often in excess of the designated speed limit of 40mph. Although there is a crossing for students going to both the Catholic High School and the Kings School, and ordinarily these could be used, it isn’t possible for users of the nursery as there’s no pavement on their side of the road which makes it impossible. The situation is now exacerbated by the increase in traffic and car use on the route as a result of the new Kings Moat Garden Village development.

We, the undersigned, strongly believe that the provision of a new pedestrian crossing or a pavement is urgently needed to enable parents pushing a baby in a buggy, for example, to safely cross this extremely busy road. This is a serious safety concern and action as described would help to address the problem.

We call upon Cheshire West and Chester Council to allocate appropriate resources to a road safety scheme in this location to address the concerns that we hold.

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A Safe Crossing for Jigsaw Nursery at Ash Grove

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