URGENT: CWaC Waste Strategy – give your views!

The Labour-run Cheshire West & Chester Council has recently consulted on the formulation of a new Waste Management Strategy for the period 2021-2031. This was endorsed at the ruling ‘Cabinet’ meeting on 09 June 2021 and will now go forward for agreement at full Council in mid-July. Based on the findings of the consultation, a number of key recommendations are being proposed for this service across the borough. These include:


  • Household waste collected fortnightly using a 180 litre wheeled bin (as per the current arrangement), guaranteed for the next three years only.
  • The introduction of two NEW larger capacity recycling bins on wheels which will be collected fortnightly and replace the existing 55 litre boxes.
  • Food collections to continue on a weekly basis using the existing small food bin.
  • The introduction of a CHARGEABLE (£40 per bin, per year) garden waste collection service over 40 weeks of the year, covering the ‘growing season’ and collected fortnightly.
  • A review of each Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC) – your local ‘tip’ - in the borough and the possible introduction of charges for the disposal of some types of waste.


Local Conservative councillors and campaigners believe some of these changes are not necessary and would like to see this current strategy substantially improved. In particular, we are:


  • Opposed to the introduction of the £40 per bin, per year garden waste tax.
  • Seeking a guarantee that the fortnightly ‘black bin’ waste service will be guaranteed for more than three years – under Labour’s plan it could go to a three weekly service in the future.
  • Calling for an overall improvement in the HWRC (tip) provision, including increased opening hours/days to raise the overall level of the service and NO cuts to existing site operations.


We’d like to hear your views. Please complete the short survey below to let us know what you think.

Waste survey