Chester Conservatives say "Keep Free After 3 Parking"

Labour controlled Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council are consulting on a new parking strategy for our area. Local residents and businesses have expressed alarm at the potential abolition of the popular and simple "Free After 3" parking available in a number of car parks in the city.

This scheme was introduced the former Chester City Council when under Conservative control.  Local Conservatives in Chester are clear: we share the concerns of local businesses and residents who do not want to see the existing scheme abolished and replaced with something more complicated.

Chester Conservatives support "Free After 3" because:

  • It is simple and easy to understand - "Free After 3" is just that.
  • Local businesses, who need our support in an age of online shopping, fear the abolition of the scheme will see a drop in footfall and damage their trade.
  • It encourages people to enter the city just when it starts to become quiet, giving a boost to shops and restaurants, many of whom rely on the 'night-time' economy.
  • With the imminent opening of 'Storyhouse' we should be doing all we can to encourage that 'night-time economy' to help keep our city centre vibrant and busy.
  • With council tax looking set to rise for the second year in a row, many fear this is yet another opportunity for the Labour controlled council to 'revenue raise' from hard pressed local taxpayers.

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