Jack Jackson

A few years ago I moved to Chester and began to make the Lache my home along with my long-term girlfriend, soon starting work as a financial contractor down the road in Chester Business Park.

Since making the Lache my home I’ve got to know the local community through being part of the local church and seeing the strong neighbourhood spirit that our area boasts. This community spirit is one of many things that makes this area unique, seeing this first hand when our car broke down and unprovoked neighbours came to help in anyway they could.

I’ve always been passionate about seeing what social good can be achieved when coming together, believing more can be accomplished when working together than apart. This probably comes from the fact I come from a family of 9 where it was essential!

My priorities for Lache:

  1. Ensure that streets and alleyways are kept clean and safe from fly-tipping, syringes and litter, especially behind St Marks Road leading up into the heart of the Lache

  2. Invest the 'local members budget' in creating community based projects that will give residents, young and old, opportunities to socialise and interact on a regular basis.

  3. Create a ‘stepping stone’ network between schools and local businesses that we help provide school leavers and young people an opportunity to gain experience through placements or apprenticeships that will enhance their career prospects and offer a route into meaningful employment. 

You can get in touch with me on jack@chesterconservatives.com, otherwise I hope to see you soon around Lache.


Candidate Praises Lache Fun Day

After attending Love Lache on Sycamore Fields, Conservative Council candidate Jack Jackson said:

"It's been fantastic to spend a summer’s afternoon at Love Lache on Sycamore Fields.

Jack Jackson: Getting Things Done for Lache

Jack Jackson has been reporting untidy hedges and other issues to the Council to get action taken for local residents in Lache.

Jack said:

"When meeting residents on St Marks Road, concerns were raised that the hedges were overgrown and encroaching onto the footpath.

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