Jill Houlbrook - Motion to Council on Thursday 14th December

I am presenting this motion for debate to Council on Thursday. My hope is that it will receive unanimous approval and that Chester West and Chester will become an exemplar local authority leading on the elimination of plastic. 

Over eight million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year with 80% coming from land. The BBC's excellent programme, Blue Planet 2, has brought home the impact of this message.

We must protect our oceans and marine life from plastic if we aspire to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it. 

Chester uses an estimated 300,000 straws a day. These straws, like other plastic, can take hundreds of years to break down and they contribute to the vast amount of plastic entering our oceans every year. This plastic waste causes the death each year of up to 1,000,000 sea birds, 100,000 marine mammals and countless fish. 

Therefore this Council resolves to set an example and a lead to other towns and cities hoping they will follow. This Council will encourage all businesses and organisations in the Borough to stop using plastic drinking straws and wherever possible to replace them with alternatives. In addition this Council will encouraging residents and those who work and study in, or visit our borough not to use plastic drinking straws and to refuse them if offered.