Theresa May Urges Chester to Vote for Will Gallagher

Prime Minister Theresa May has endorsed Will Gallagher to be the next MP for the City of Chester.

The Prime Minister said:

"Will Gallagher is standing with me to secure strong and stable leadership for our country, and the best Brexit deal possible for you and your constituency of City of Chester.

"Will Gallagher will be a strong voice for your community in my Government, and together we will always stand up for you and your interests.

"It’s important to remember that a vote for anyone other than Will Gallagher here risks Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister of a shambolic coalition government.

"So back me with a vote for Will Gallagher here in City of Chester on 8th June, and together we can get on with the job of making life in Britain better for everyone."

If you believe that we need Theresa May standing up for us in the Brexit negotiations - and Will Gallagher as a strong local MP - pledge your support here.