Will Gallagher: My Vision for Chester

I'm standing to be your local MP for Chester, the city where I was born and brought up. I am committed to making life in our city better for everyone who lives here.  

That means making sure Chester's interests are looked after in the Brexit negotiations, and the economic progress we've made is locked in, to protect jobs and keep taxes coming down.

I am campaigning for more good school places and fairer funding for our schools; I want to see more affordable family homes with the infrastructure to match, so our children and grandchildren are not priced out of the area; and I will fight for better transport infrastructure too, so we have less traffic bottlenecks, safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists, and improved train connections.

At this pivotal time for our country, we cannot put our long term prosperity and security in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn - the risk is just too great. Chester is one of the closest elections in the country. Only by voting for me - the local Conservative candidate - will you guarantee the stable leadership from Theresa May that this country needs.