July Update from Cllr Jill Houlbrook (Upton)

Yet again one of the major issues being raised with me is dog fouling particularly around Weston Grove/Cornwall/Dorset/Aldford Roads. Residents of Arderne House have volunteered to be Pink Poopers and to work with the wardens to encouraged dig owners to be more responsible.

It's great to see the new tennis racquets I was able to fund with my ward budget are now available at the Pavilion. New bowls should be arriving soon. Thanks to the Pavilion staff for encouraging younger people to try more sports.

I recently attended the Bee Summit arranged at the Zoo by Friends of the Earth. I made some useful contacts and sources of excellent information about bees and wildflower growing. I'm working with FoE and Wildlife connections to introduce some sustainable bee friendly areas in Upton.

The Chester Community Energy group recently held an information evening at the Northgate Arena to explain how members of the public can invest in and support sustainable energy in our communities. I'd like to see Community Energy and wildflower/wildlife areas built into the Upton Neighbourhood Plan.

Many of you will know that there is a longstanding issue with the bank adjacent to The Oaks on Upton Lane. I'm working with residents and CWaC highways and street scene teams to find a lasting solution which is acceptable to everyone and will make the area much safer for drivers. It's complicated as there is no proof of ownership of the land even on the Land Registry records. Ideally it would be great to repair and preserve the sandstone wall but this may not be viable or possible. 

There is a small delay with the installation of the double yellow lines at the top of Weston Grove. This is due to an error on the original notice but this has been rectified and reissued.

The railway bridge on Brook a Lane is due to be replaced and the area will be closed in the middle of September for several months. The closure will inevitably affect traffic flows in Upton and in Hoole and I'm consulting with the Councillors for Newton as we all feel residents need more information and sooner than planned. I've also asked that Councillors for Hoole and Upton and our Parish Council are included in meetings and kept informed.

I've met on site with developers and planning officers to discuss plans coming forward for the Zoo and for Upton Dene.

Also I've asked planning enforcement officers to contact the owners of the land and the building (Plush Spice) on Newhall Road. I would like the site made inaccessible to prevent dumping and car parking.