6 Top Priorities for Chester

The Conservatives have got a clear plan for Chester. Here's what we will do if elected on 2 May:

1. Scrap Labour's Parking Charges. In the past couple of years, the Labour-controlled Council has introduced new parking charges across the borough – hitting our pockets and damaging local business. We will re-introduce free parking across West Cheshire, including Free After 3 in Chester.

2. Deliver Quality Local Services. Our Labour-run Council has been cutting services whilst hiking up Council Tax and sitting on millions of pounds in reserves. We believe the Council Tax we pay should be used to fund high quality services. We will ensure Council Taxes are kept low and the money raised is spent effectively and efficiently, supporting our communities and delivering the quality services we deserve.

3. Tidy up our city. We’re proud of where we live and want a Council that looks after it. But sadly, our area is awash with overflowing bins, overgrown weeds and uncut grass verges. We will ensure public bins are emptied, weeds trimmed back and grass verges maintained, giving us streets we're proud to call home.

4. Fix our broken roads. Our roads are in a dire state. In the last year alone, our Labour Council received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Conservative government to improve the state of our roads, but pot holes complaints have soared. We will introduce a 48 Hour Pot Hole Pledge, ensuring all dangerous pot holes are fixed in 48 hours.

5. Preserve our heritage. We live in a historic borough, stretching from Parkgate to Northwich via the ancient city of Chester. But our heritage is being neglected as an easy target for local Labour cuts. We will deliver an urgent plan of action to preserve our heritage and make the most of our cultural landmarks across the borough.

6. Protect the Environment. Looking after the environment is one of our most important responsibilities. That’s why we need to do more than ever to protect our area and ensure it remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. We will invest in our green spaces, boost recycling – including by keeping tips open longer to combat fly-tipping - and install new electric charging points across the borough.