Highways and StreetScene News for Upton

A message from Councillor Jill Houlbrook (Upton):

"A recent reorganisation within Highways and StreetScene at CWaC means that we now have different officers supporting us in Upton. Graham Lowe and Kerrie Brice are our contacts. If you have anything to report which cannot be or is not being dealt with via the council reporting portal, please do let me know.

"I am very aware that there are outstanding issues which need attention and which I continue to bring to the attention of the council. For example the bank on Upton Lane  opposite Demage Lane, the dreadful state of both the road surface and the footway in Orchard Close and the standard of grass cutting in Upton. The grass cutting has also exposed the considerable amount of litter on our streets and I regularly report these issues. I hate to see Upton looking neglected in this way. 

"Please do keep reporting your concerns to me and I shall continue to do all I can to get the problems rectified."