Update from Upton Conservatives

Parking on Pavements

Upton Conservative Councillor, Jill Houlbrook, has asked for two large planters which will be strategically placed in Church Lane to prevent parking in the corners of Grangeside and Neild Court.


Aldford Road

Along with Sanctuary Housing and the Upton locality team, Jill arranged a community day in Alford Road. Residents were given the chance to have their dogs micro chipped by The Dogs Trust and enjoyed planting up containers to brighten their gardens and the area. Jill would like to thank everyone who was involved.


Upton Parish Council

At the local election, we are pleased to report that seven Conservatives were elected to serve on Upton Parish Council, led by Chairman, Helen Kelly. Your Conservative team will work hard to represent the views of Upton residents and always strive to make a positive difference to our thriving local community.


Highways Issues

Often the simplest solutions to problems make the biggest difference. Conservative Councillor for Upton, Jill Houlbrook is delighted that the introduction of new double yellow lines on Beechwayand Pine Gardens are already making a difference to local residents in these areas. Jill would like to remind drivers using the shops on Long Lane that when they leave the car park, because they are on a dual carriageway, they should turn left only to join the flow of traffic. New signs are to be painted on the carriageway as a reminder. The zebra crossing on Heath Road is to be replaced by a pelican crossing. Jill would like to thank the parents at Upton Heath School who have been instrumental in keeping her informed about the difficulties they’ve encountered at the current crossing. Before the new crossing is installed, those living near by will be consulted.


Upton War Memorial

The War Memorial and surrounding gardens need ongoing cleaning, repairing and updating. The Chairman of Upton Parish Council, Helen Kelly, spent a day day with Jill recently making a start on this. Jill also contacted the Mercian Regiment at the Dale Camp who were very enthusiastic about taking the work on as a community project – a fantastic example of the Military Covenant in action. Unfortunately, because of concerns by some members of the Parish Council, the offer of help has not been taken up. Conservative Parish Councillors are disappointed. Local residents have joined Jill and Helen and cleared the garden ready for replanting which has been welcomed by many members of the community.


Do we need 20mph zones around Upton?

The speed limit on the A41 through Upton will soon be reduced to 30mph. In addition, Conservative Councillor, Jill Houlbrook is interested to know your views on the introduction of 20mph zones around Upton. Our local police have confirmed that a blanket zone wouldn’t be practical as they wouldn’t be able to enforce such a limit. However, zones such as outside schools would be enforceable. What do you think? Would you welcome these zones near where you live? Let Jill know your views.


Community Budget

Jill has used some of her ‘Community Budget’ alloted to councillors to support  Operation Shield which is being introduced in parts of Upton. This is a system for marking your possessions which makes them instantly identifiable and discourages theft. If you have a small project or community based activity you’d like Jill to support, then please get in touch.